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Once we have assembled, packaged and prepared your order for shipping, it will be delivered to our shipping partner.  During the current COVID-19 health crises, we have limited standard shipping orders to once per week, normally Fridays.  After it has been delivered to the shipping partner, you will receive an email (to the address provided on your order form) that your order has shipped along with your tracking number, if applicable. Please note that it may take 24-48 hours before your tracking number has been scanned into the shippers database and your tracking to start updating. For Canada Post and USPS, please sign up for tracking updates through their website after your tracking number has become live. DHL deliveries will continue to be scheduled as needed and updates will be provided automatically. 


Lead Times

Lead times are the time necessary to receive, assemble, package and prepare for shipment.  This is normally between 7-10 days from the date of order.  During the current health crisis this time frame may be slightly longer as we have limited staff working.  We are doing our best to keep these times as low as possible, but your patience during this unprecedented time is very much appreciated!

Stock Availability

Stock is limited on a weekly basis and updated Monday mornings at 10AM.  This is done to ensure faster lead times.  Some items are manufactured in house, others are produced by local suppliers.  Our suppliers are still manufacturing for us during COVID-19, however their delivery dates may be delayed as well.  We will do our best to have estimated delivery dates available on out of stock products due to part availability. 

How are Orders Shipped

We use a shipping company that partners with Canada Post, USPS and other large courier companies.  The estimated delivery times for the US is 2-4 days, Canada 2-8 days and Overseas International between 7-22 days.  While most Countries have tracked standard shipping, there are a few that do not.  To check, please email us with your address.  We also offer the option of DHL Express to overseas customers.  This will speed up delivery times to between 2-7 days anywhere in the world.  Please note that if you are in a remote location there could be an added charge.  (Please contact us at info@suckitdustboot.com to check for international shipping if you are unsure.)  Very Important: When entering your shipping address, please ensure its accuracy.  If the shipment has been returned due to an incomplete or incorrect shipping address, your package will be returned. We will have it reship, however this will result in a new shipping cost. 

Email Inquiries

We respond to every email we receive.  During very busy times it may take a few days to receive a response, but we will always make the attempt.  Remember to also check your spam folders.  Emails can sometimes be directed to your spam folders due to settings.  If you haven't received a response within 3 business days, please try again.

Comparison between Basic and Pro Suckit Dust Boot


What Machines will the Suckit Dust Boot fit?

The Suckit Dust Boot has been specifically designed to work with the XCarve, Shapeoko and OX CNC Machines.  There is also a variation to work with the Shapeoko HDZ.  When ordering for Shapeoko, please take special care in chosing the variation between the standard and HDZ as they have different mounting systems.  Carbide 3D has just released a new version, the ZPlus.  Please be aware that we do not have a version compatible with this Z assembly.  Unfortunately at this time we do not have a solution for the Zplus, and we are currently unable to attain specs on the Z to design one.  Also, customers of the XCarve, if you have changed your X assembly, please be aware that our dust boot is not compatible with this change. 

We would love to have our Suckit Dust Boot fit all the CNC Machines.  However being a small business, we have limited resources.  When a new product or variation becomes available, we will have it posted to our products page.  So please check back back periodically to see any new offerings. 


The hose I use is smaller than the vacuum adapter provided, what can I do?

We offer adapters that you can purchase on our website, however you can also make your own adapters from wood or plastic!  Below are a couple of pictures of how some customers made their own.

Alternatively,  a customer of ours has published an adapter on Thingiverse for those that have access to a 3D printer.  To check it out, please click on the link.  https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2809355

Clear Router Shield Plate

Please be aware that there is a protective film on the router shields.  It can be clear or blue in colour.  Remember to remove this film before installing your shield to your dust shoe.  It will not affect the performance, just visually. 


Return Policy

If you are not 100% satisfied with your Suckit Dust Boot purchase, we will happily work with you to ensure your satisfaction or will refund your purchase.  For more details regarding returns, please view our Refund/Return Policy.  

We are always changing and working with our customers to ensure the best possible experience for you.  If you have any suggestions of what you would like to see or how we can improve our product or information available, please contact us at info@suckitdustboot.com.


Thank you so much!  


Best Regards,

Jenn & Mark

We Ship Worldwide.

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