Suckit was created in response to the lack of "ready to use" options that can effectively control the mess that using your desktop CNC produces.

Our Story

Oh The Mess!

Desktop CNC's are awesome! They provide a quick and affordable way to produce samples, prototypes and even production units of designs, there's just one problem; they are messy! Very messy! This mess is not only a nuisance, it can affect the quality of the parts being produced and shorten the life of your CNC.

Z-Axis independent

Suckit works independent of the Z axis. This allows the bristles to consistently surround the area being cut , better contains debris and dust and provides a better seal so the vacuum is much more effective. Suckit does not reduce the Z axis travel, stays flat on the work piece at all times and is quick and easy to remove for bit changing.

Assembly is insanely easy

Suckit quickly and easily attaches and requires no modifications to your machine. Simply insert the Bottom Mount. Insert each Rail into the Bottom Mount and tighten. Slide in the Support Arms and attach the Top Mount. 

Adjusts to different Spindles
Suckit easily adjusts to work with different spindles. Simply loosen the side screws, adjust the stop location and re-tighten. 
Suckit is very effective
Suckit really does work well! It will take your desktop CNC to the next level and make using it a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable experience