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Suckit dust boot


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Note: This Suckit Dust Boot version is designed to work with the Shapeoko HDZ Upgraded Z-Axis, previously the Beaver HDZ.  


The new and improved Suckit Dust Boot for your Shapeoko now comes with Steel Mounts, Arms made from polycarb (virtually indestructible) and a new shoe design that envelopes as well as directs the suction to the cut area! It's the most effective Suckit Dust Boot yet.


Comes complete with Clear Injection Molded Polycarb Directed Suction shoe with built in 2 1/2" Vacuum Hose Adapter, Steel Mounts, Polycarb Arms, 1.5" Brushes, and all necessary hardware. Please note: You will also require the Shapeoko HDZ Suckit Ears. 



Compatible with Shapeoko 3, Shapeoko XL and Shapeoko XXL models with the HDZ.


Doing a long carve and want to increase the effectiveness further check out the back insert! https://www.suckitdustboot.com/product-page/directed-suction-rear-clip


Looking for a great set of Clamps to compliment your Suckit Dust Boot? Check out our Oops Clamps. Buy together with your Suckit and save on shipping... www.suckitdustboot.com/oops-clamps


Need a touch plate? Check out the Triquetra... https://triquetra-cnc.com/

Suckit Basic "Directed Suction" for Shapeoko HDZ- Upgraded Z Axis