--Chad, Mancrafting

--Josh, The P.I. Workshop

It works GREAT!

--Bob C. , I Like To Make Stuff

I just run a project now using the suckit dust boot and I am totally amazed! I just can't believe that there is no visible dust in the air whatsoever or in the project surface. I am loving it so far!!!!

--Cristiana, Get Hands Dirty

I just wanted to let you know that this suckit dustboot is awesome. I expected it to work, but I didn't expect it to work this well. Thanks for a great product. It rocks.

--Jonathan B. , Make This Now

This @Suckitdustboot is the best thing you can add to your @Inventables #Xcarve. Keep your space clean...Go get it!

--Chad, Chordata Quads

 Loving not having to chase the thing with a vacuum! The dust boot it awesome! 👍

-- Redemptive Woodworx

 I'm a happy camper. I cut fast to see how it would work and nothing outside of the boot. 😀

-- My Designs and Finds

New dust boot from @Suckitdustboot is working well. Effectively zero sawdust escaping!

--Michael U, Unatronics

I am a big fan of my "Suckit" dust boot... it works very, VERY well for getting the chips. Also doesn't mess up the bottom of my pockets with back pressure the way the moving (spindle mounted) boot did. I have not done any clean-up at all the last three projects.

--Dan, Washington, USA 

 I mounted my #suckitdustboot last night and I love it!  Maaan this is no doubts the best custom part I’ve ever ordered. Respect!

--Prezemek, Nevada, USA

Assembly was a cinch... It worked really well and I'm very happy with it... seemed to get every bit of dust... I'm excited to keep my v-wheels and rails clean!  Dust is no longer an issue for sure even with my puny shop vac.

--Joseph, Missouri, USA 

Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.

This thing is pretty awesome. Works like a champ.  

--Ryan, Virginia USA

Super excited to run the X-carve with the dust boot. The fit and finish is perfect!!

--Greg, Hawaii, USA

I have found that the method of mounting the Suckit relieves the stress applied to the Z axis which everyone knows is the weakest link in the X-Carve when it comes to being a rigid machine. Mounting a dust shoe to the spindle applies more leverage/stress to the Z axis which can cause flexing during carving. Your method of mounting greatly reduces the leverage thereby reducing the effect of the weight from the dust shoe and vacuum hose applied to the Z axis.

 The workmanship of the Suckit is outstanding. You guys have done an amazing job with it and I don't see how anybody could do it any better at all.

 Very well done indeed.

--Charlie, Owner/Creator of Triquetra Touch Plate, Texas, USA

Dear Suckit,
I must inform you people at Suckit, that i have never ever ever in all my years of dealings with any company, people, or mfg, ever been so impressed with a product and even more, the packaging. It was so nicely packaged and bubble wrapped it blew me away.
Was an absolute pleasure putting it together and so simple to install. Even more so, i was impressed with the exra safety hardware, and the documentation included was super professional grade.
Color me pickled.
Thanks so much.
--Mo, New York, USA

You gotta have a dust boot for your @XCarve. One of the best (also one of the only) is the @SuckItDustBoot. Awesome!  @Suckitdustboot I love seeing great ideas become real, useful things.

-- Joe, USA

Extremely happy with my new suckit dustboot.

--Eric B, emhandcrafted, USA

The folks from SuckitDustBoot.com were extremely helpful in getting my machine set up just right.  They provide a very high quality product at a reasonable price. Don't be The Sucker, get a SuckIt!

--Dan - Texas